Charn Alpina

In Rhaeto-Romanic Charn Alpina means alpine meat. The idea for producing artisan meat resulted from a partnership between Hotel Paradies and Ludwig Hatecke from Scuol, a master butcher and genius with meat. In Charn Alpina we serve succulent meat specialities from Hatecke’s. And Chef de cuisine Daniel Stütz uses all his skills to turn them into superb dishes.

Menu Summer 2017

“Chadafö unica”: pleasure on the highest level for all

Eating is a personal thing. And because not all groceries go with all humans we design an individual and customized food experience for every guest. To do this we certainly use local products wherever that is possible. Especially important for us, please let us known in writing about your food intolerance(s) – thereby we can respond to your request with virtuosity.

Gluten free – for people with coeliac disease

From breakfast to dinner – we know a rich selection of gluten free dishes. You have the choice – a brief information at the reception is enough.

Lactose free – for people with intolerance for milk sugar

From buffalo’s milk from Ftan, and ewe’s milk, to soy and almond milk – we have a wide spectrum of alternatives to cow’s milk. You just tell us what you want.

Vegetarian – for people who do without animal protein
The range of vegetarian dishes – all hand selected by our partner Not Vital from the organic farm Tanter Dossa at Demeter quality above Scuol – is as rich as nature itself. We prepare the dishes with virtuosity and take into account seasonal aspects – with a lot of enjoyment and imagination for a colourful feast on the plate.