Design & Art

The Paradies awaits you with a wonderful mix of magnificent fabrics, antique furniture and modern design, all lovingly arranged with great attention to detail.



Furniture and mirrors which until recently were left hidden in the attic, have been meticulously restored and now enhance the ambience of the light-filled lobby and other spaces throughout the hotel. A long wooden antique table, perfectly positioned in front of the magnificent wood panelling, serves as the Reception. Sofas and armchairs are beautifully upholstered in smooth felt or elegant velvet, projecting colours of warm red and rich cream. Discreetly shimmering lanterns made of the finest Belgian glass, cast a warm light around the rooms.


Bauhaus Style

Viewed from the outside, the painter's old house sits inconspicuously against the impressive mountain backdrop. Cube-like structures, partially extended with balconies of exposed concrete and wood, are an interpretation of the Bauhaus style from the 1930’s.

Art Collection

Art work by Not Vital, Leta Peer and Jacques Guidon amongst others, grace the hotel rooms. The mosaic biblical scenes in the Spa area were created by Steivan Lium Könz. Over a hundred paintings and pieces of graphic art by contemporary artists, an impressive collection of sculptures and numerous local antiques, make the Paradies a favourite meeting place for lovers of art. An enchanting location and continued source of inspiration, just as it has always been.



Beautifully embroidered laundry bags, Please Do Not Disturb tags hand-sewn in felt and pencils with small tassels. These touching details will make your stay a sensuous experience – which is the goal of Hotel Manager Meike Bambach and her team, because exceptional design and distinctive objects are their passion.