Can I have a say in who becomes an owner and/or member?
The final say for the Owners Club lies with the shareholders of Paradies Touristik AG, no involvement by third parties is planned. A committee will convene to decide on the admission of regular club members. This committee will ensure that only like-minded individuals who share the style and content of the planned club join.

What is the cancellation period for the membership?
The first three years are fixed. After this period, membership can be cancelled at the end of the year with a 12-month notice period.

What happens if Paradies Touristik AG goes bankrupt?
If club members pay their contributions as agreed, this kind of credit risk is unthinkable.

Is ownership recorded in the land register?
No. The owner of the property is the AG [German public holding company]. As a shareholder of the club, ownership is confirmed with a share. There should also be an internal agreement among shareholders as to which suite/junior suite corresponds to which share with regard to right of use.

What happens when there aren’t enough members?
This would mean the club cannot be created and the owners will come up with another idea for using the hotel property.

Is club membership defined on an individual basis?
No. One membership can include a family.

What is the minimum age to be a club member?
Only legally responsible and competent persons with relevant provable assets and income can be a member as to ensure that the club can be sustainably financed.

What is the legal structure of the club?
It is a registered association under Swiss law.

I don’t know Hotel Paradies well, only from hearsay. Is it possible to take a look around – I’m unsure whether I want to become a member?
Of course you can take a look around and see the club ideas for yourself. There are open weeks planned from 31 May until 28 September 2018.

Can I spend time at Hotel Paradies without being a member?
Yes and no. Hotel Paradies is always open but cannot be accessed at times when the hotel is being leased to the club. However, the hotel can still be used exclusively during the marginal periods. The club management also has a limited quota of ad-hoc club memberships that can be used for a certain period.

Can I bring friends who are not members to the club?
Yes, via a day-membership although these memberships are limited. These memberships expire within one year and allow free use of the infrastructure and activities in the club. Half of the yearly membership for local day members is attributable to on-site consumption.

Can I gift a membership?
Yes – in short. However, the membership itself cannot be gifted. But the financial obligations of a member can be taken over by a third party. Rights of use can also be assigned to a third party by a member for a limited period of time. The details are given in the club statutes.

Can the club be expanded? Is the 200-member limit set in stone?
The number of members cannot be significantly expanded as there must be a limit considering there are only 16 suites in the hotel.

Do you plan to set tiered prices according to the season?
No, we want to keep the price structure simple and transparent. The same price applies for both seasons as the club will always be leasing the hotel at the most beautiful times of the year.

When are membership fees payable? Can I pay in instalments?
No, fees are always payable in advance for the year and must be paid by 31st October of the preceding year.

Is there a discount for paying several years in advance?
No, we do not intend to offer a discount.

How do I cancel my membership?
You must cancel your membership by sending a letter by registered mail.

When will the entry fee be refunded?
We offer to refund the entry in the event of death or disability.

Can members be removed from the club for misconduct? Will the membership and entry fee then be refunded?
The club rules are an integral part of the contract and apply to the membership. A refund depends on the reason for removal. If this is due to misconduct by the member, the membership contribution for the current year will not be refunded. If removal is due to the club, a refund is possible.

For how long can credit be carried over (in the new year)? Or does it expire at the end of each year?
It expires at the end of the year. The club needs a solid basis for calculation in order to meet its obligations.