Alpine Mill in Ftan

Within the actual mill building, there are two mills in original condition, which are the last evidence of a bygone era and of the once rich local corn economy. The millstones are driven by water paddles and wooden shafts, which connect them to powerful cogwheels. The owner regularly welcomes guided tours and willingly relates interesting tales of the past.


The Archers d’Engiadina offers an introduction to archery for individual guests, groups or clubs. For experienced archers, a wonderful 3D range is available, embedded in the surrounding nature.

Canoe and Kayak

The Scuol canoe school in the Engadine is an education and training centre for exercising, technique development and safety measures in canoe sports.

Coach Rides

Coach rides through wonderful forests and over a variety of tracks. Romantic night rides in carriages drawn by either one or two horses proceed along the banks of the Inn, far away from traffic.


Switzerland is an ideal country for cycling. You can ride over mostly tarred and quiet roads, through marvellous landscapes, villages and towns, along lakes, over high passes and through alpine valleys. Get your bike ready – Switzerland is well worth such a tour.

Downhill Mountain Biking

We will equip you with a helmet, knee and leg pads, body protection and a full-suspension downhill mountain bike, after which you will be ready for the downhill passage Motta Naluns Scuol.

God da Tamangur

The Arven Forest is the highest forest in Europe, where the trees cling to barren cliffs 2,200 metres above sea level. Some of the trees are over 700 years old.

Golf and Wintergolf

The Vulpera golf course in the Alps is located at an altitude of 1,270 metres and only 15 minutes from the Paradies. Beautifully situated in the midst of such breathtaking surroundings, golfing here becomes both a sport and nature excursion. This well maintained 9-hole course is sufficiently varied and provides several sporting challenges, not only in summer, but also in winter, when deep in snow.


Over 1,000 kms of hiking trails pass through the Lower Engadine. Number one on the hit list is Via Engiadina, located on the sunny side of the high valley – where Hotel Paradies is also situated near Ftan. The trail passes through many small mountain villages and wonderful Alp landscapes. This tour extends over 60 kms, with stunning views of the surrounding peaks and the doll-like houses which appear in the little villages dotted throughout the valleys. Altogether, the altitude reaches up to 4,305. It is also possible to break the trails into smaller stages and take day trips from the hotel.

Inline Skating

In the Lower Engadine you will find two inline skating tracks; one from Strada to Martina and the other from Scuol to Pradella.

Lama Trekking

No, you will not actually be riding them across the snowy winter or lush summer landscapes of the Lower Engadine. The lamas will be your very useful personal companions, specifically engaged to carry your load whilst trekking.

Motta Naluns Cable Car

The Scuol-Motta Naluns cable car and Ftan-Prui chair-lift provide easy access to a spacious area for hiking and mountain tours.

The timber line passes the mountain stations at about 2,000 metres. You can experience a wonderful mountain spring in June/July and enjoy wholesome fresh air at the top of the Alps. The view over the Lower Engadine Dolomites and Swiss National Park mountains is beyond description. A vast network of hiking trails run through dry grassland, moors, meadows, creeks, open forests and summits. Every portion of this extensive landscape contains very special flora and fauna, just waiting to be discovered.

Mountain Biking

The popular sport of mountain biking and the Lower Engadine mountains seem made for each other. You can ride through pristine mountain villages and quench your thirst with natural mineral water from the village well or taste fresh mountain cheese in the Alps. A unique sporting experience.

Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a vital, enjoyable exercise involving open nature and much more ... It is having very low impact and provides a well-rounded workout for the whole body. Not far from the hotel, there are over 40 km of well sign-posted Nordic Walking trails – upon request we can also arrange one of our personal trainers to accompany you.


Passenger flights, introductory courses, basic courses, intensive and further training courses are available, all strictly according to Swiss and European safety standards.

Up and down the Alps

At the end of June, when the lofty meadows are sufficiently lush and rich, the cattle, goats and sheep leave the village to spend summer on Alp Laret. They do not return until the end of September, at which time the cows are beautifully decorated with bells, hand-made floral wreaths and the last of the summer meadow flowers. The Ftan residents welcome their return in the afternoon amid celebrations of wine and singing.


The Engadine is wonderful terrain for riders. You can enjoy the ever-changing landscape on horseback with sure-footed Freiberger horses.

River Rafting

Teamwork is required in the Giarsun, as the raft masters waves, curves, blocks and tides. You can select your own rafting programme: either a half-day tour in the Scuol canyon or Giarsun canyon, depending on the water level, or a full day tour for groups wanting to experience both canyons; a fantastic adventure, complete with a campfire barbecue during the lunch break.

Schloss Tarasp - Tarasp Castle

Some exertion is required to reach Tarasp castle, which was built between the 10th and 11th centuries on a prominent hilltop. The access path meanders steeply around the building up to the main gate. Guided tours through the historic complex are conducted by an enthusiastic team, who allow visitors to travel through the past for an insight into the lives of our ancestors. The romantic castle chapel is still in use for weddings today.

Swiss National Park

Hunting is strictly prohibited in the Swiss National Park. There are no trees cut and no meadows mown. The landscape has remained unchanged for the last 5,000 years, before mankind took responsibility.

The first Alpine National Park in Central Europe was created in 1914. The Swiss National Park has much to offer over an area of 172 square km:

80 km hiking trails
wildlife observation
nature trails
guided tours
nature studies


You can play tennis in the midst of the Engadine Mountains. For example, on the flood-lit Gurlaina tennis courts in Scuol or alternatively, the High Alpine Institute of Ftan has three indoor courts.

Thermal Bath Scuol

One of the most modern and beautiful swimming pools in the Engadine is found in Scuol. You can relax in a heated outdoor pool with stunning views over the surrounding peaks. Alternatively, you may prefer the indoor pool, grottos, steam baths, brine bath, Jacuzzis or Roman Irish bath.

Tramblai Sculpture Trail

A walking tour through the Sur En forest, accompanied by skilfully created sculptures of stone or wood.


From a sledge in winter, to a Trotinett in summer. Race down marked trails at incredible speed on typical Swiss mountain scooters. The so-called “Trottis“ have a strong frame, 20 inch wheels, BMX tyres and V-brakes both front and back. Perfect equipment for downhill rolling.

Vulpera Mineral Water Museum

In the Vulpera area there are 60 natural sources of water, which healthy and rich in minerals. Water from some of these springs is served to our guests in the Wellness area.