Yoga at Paradies

At Paradies, many roads lead to Rome in terms of relaxation, with yoga sessions on the alpine meadow, massage methods from India, or compresses made with local herbs. Yoga sessions - where and whenever our guests want – are included in every stay at our hotel. Ayurveda specialist Barbara Pohl whisks guests away into a world of utter relaxation by using traditional Indian arts of healing. Drawing on ten years’ experience, she offers traditional Marma whole-body massages, to Shirodhara, to Padanganjali massages where feet carry out deep massages. Very popular in addition to the aroma- and hot-stone massage is Dorn Breuss therapy, which involves the spine being treated particularly gently. The Asian body therapy Shiatsu eases tenseness and energy blocks by specific rotation of the joints and stretching. And covered in local herbs and surrounded by the fragrance of the flower meadows, the alpine herb compress cloaks the body into a state of warm repose.

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